Will you give me an Independent Clearance Certificate?


Who is the Clearance Certificate from and are they Certified?

The Hygienist will supply a Clearance Certificate at the end of each job. This is required for 10m2 and over of non-friable, or after any friable asbestos removal. For Domestic jobs we would engage a hygienist in your behalf.

Can you show me the WorkSafe Notification?

Yes we supply this, and it will go to you as part of standard procedure.

Will you provide a copy of the Waste Transport Certificate?


Have you got a Control Plan?

Yes, this gets filled in at the beginning of the job and gets emailed to you and our office also. The job won’t proceed until this is done.

Will your workers have copies of their Licenses, Training & Medical Examination Records on site?

Yes everything should be on-site and made visible when requested.

Can you provide Certificates for machinery & equipment?

Yes, certificates will be on site and available on request (DOP’s).